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Benefituser (Tianjin) Technology Development CO., LTD is located in Tianjin, China. The company has been founded in 2003. The company designs, manufactures and markets
the turnkey Digitalized Solar Module Automation Equipment and Solution. Besides Photovoltaic, we also involve in Crystal Quartz manufacturing and Visual Inspection. We have a professional team
of programming and hardware designing engineers, who are with rich knowledge and skills of automation engineering. The engineers group is excelling at circuit design, software development, mechanical designing, and visual processing and other advanced technologies. Our equipment
covers up to 70% market share in Crystal Quartz manufacturing industry in China. We are the first company to design and produce the “Network Analysis Machines for Crystal” and the “Solar Cells Welding Machine” in China. Benefituser have also developed long term business relationship with our international business partners. 

Product :     
1. Auto String Soldering Machine
2. PV Module Automation Products Line
3.  EL Tester
4.  Framing Equipment
5. Auto-Apply-and-Paste Device
6.  Solar Cells Counter
7.  Digitalized Manufacturing System
Tel     : +86-022-25210069
Fax   : +86-022-25216072 
EMAIL  : bly_sales@hotmail.com
Contact Person : Mr. Zhu