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YBERA is one of Brazil’s leading cosmetic companies. It has attained this position by using the latest scientific technologies to produce the most advanced hair straightening, smoothing and frizz elimination products on the Brazilian market today.Our services include hair care products, hair treatment products, hair straightening treatment & products, keratin treatment, hair rejuvenation products, henna for eyebrows and frizz elimination products.

Brazil is the second largest consumer of cosmetic products in the world, after the United States, and is the largest consumer of hair straightening and smoothing products.

YBERA’s product range lead this market as they utilise only high quality ingredients produced in facilities that meet the highest of international standards. This technology excellence is reinforced by constant communication with tens of thousands of hair professionals to ensure that the company is providing what Salons and their clients actually want. The product range is constantly evolving as the technology of keratin hair treatment and the needs of Salon professionals evolve.

Business Contact Person: Aline Jahns
Phone: 9333 0574
Address: Flat 11, 1/F Block 2 Discovery Bay North Plaza
96 Siena Avenue
Discovery Bay


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